1.3 evidence-based practice and ethics in community health nursing

 Chapter 4 Evidence-Based Practice and Ethics in Community Health Nursing

100 words

 The student nurse starts the day with the community health nurse with a discussion about the implementation of evidence-based practice. The nurse reviews with the student the importance of including appropriate research and evidence-based practice principles each day during the daily visits. The community health nurse emphasizes the importance of looking at one’s own values since the student nurse will encounter various individuals in the community health setting. The community health nurse asks the student nurse to review the key human values that influence a client’s health. 1. The community health nurse asks the student nurse to explain what is involved in evidence-based practice. What are the necessary steps in the process of evidence-based practice that the nurse should include in the discussion with the community health nurse? 2. What does implementation of evidence-based practice enable the community health nurse to do in the community? 3. Research has what significant impact on community health and nursing practice? 4. Values and ethical principles strongly influence community health nursing practice and ethical decision-making. What function do values hold in clinical practice in the community health setting? 5. What three human values influence client health that the community health nurse must consider? 

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