2. please make a 5 or 6 slides ppt according to the research paper.


The purpose of the assignment is to explain how literature from the past eras—Enlightenment, Revolutionary, Romantic, Modern, Science Fiction—shaped, influenced, or paved the way for the book you read (Note: the chosen book is Oliver Twist). You should also pay special attention to the book’s influence, explain any ideals revealed in your text of choice, how those ideals do or do not reflect ideals from the past and influence the future, and discuss how the characters are indicative of what the intended audience needed, expected, feared, or desired at the time of publication.

The paper should focus on what social factors influenced the author to write the book and how the book in turn prompted social change. The research will focus on the author, the social norms and historical/political events of the time the text was published, any literary criticism or discussion you can find from experts, and how the text was influenced and is still influential. Determine the genre of the text, do some research on it, and provide your own analysis as to how the text meets those expectations of the genre requirements.

1. Please read the World Literature Project document carefully to understand specific requirements for research paper. The Research Paper is about 1700 words MLA format, and you have about 32 hours. (The time limit can only be set for 1 days. I will postpone it for several hours) You can read the questions in the Prewriting document to help write the research paper.

2. Please make a 5 or 6 slides PPT according to the Research Paper. (This can be submitted after the deadline.)

3. Don’t forget that there are six sources in the Annotated Bibliography document. They also need to be used in Research Paper, that is, you use these resources to write the Research Paper.


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