If possible, inquire about your family’s involvement with religion, going back as far as possible. In what ways are you continuing your family tradition, and in what ways departing from it?
August 1, 2019
Describe the concepts or beliefs common to most groups of first-century Judaisms. How was the ideal of Jewish monotheism related to Torah practice and the Temple cult?
August 1, 2019

Your initial post should be 300 words in length. This week’s focus was on corporate social responsibility. This concept is important to understand as this is how the company decides to give back to the community.

You have just been given $35k to help build the company’s image within the community. Using what you have learned, discuss how you would utilize the money in developing the organization’s corporate social responsibility plan.

In your responses among your peers, expand the discussion by providing suggestions to support the plan. Be sure to include real-world examples and follow up with outside research.

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