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August 1, 2019
August 1, 2019

The impacts of the information system on the company/entity. T

Company: (Lutron)

The ONLY Product to focus on is: ( Human Centric Lighting)

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to focus on your topic as an information system, not as a company.

Link to the company’s website: http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Pages/Commercial- Solutions/SmartBuildings.aspx


Research IS/Write about the following:

  1. Description/History/Assessment of Market Position. 2. Assessment of what makes IS unique/special, and how it offers competitive advantage to the firm. 3. Impacts of the IS on the company/entity (+/-) or neutral due to IS existence. 4. Criticism(s) of the IS.

Project Outline

I. Executive Summary A. Contents B. Conclusion

II. Introduction A. Background History/description B. Assessment of current market position

III. Purpose A. Function B. Classification Categorization

IV. Characteristics A. Reasons info system is unique or special B. Competitive advantage

V. Impacts of Info System A. Advantages/Neutral B. Disadvantages/Criticisms

VI. References

Hind Aljohani
Specific instructions:

*An innovative or unique information system is an information system (defined in our textbook) that uses state-of-the-art technology, stands out among others due to its uniqueness, delivers a significant competitive advantage while being relatively recently deployed, or is exceptional in some way as to make it worth investigating. The report MUST include the following:

  1. A thorough description of the company/entity and the products/services it provides, including a brief history, and an assessment of the company’s current market position.
  2. An assessment of what makes the information system unique, special, or how it offers competitive advantage to the firm.
  3. The impacts of the information system on the company/entity. This can be good things, bad things, neutral things that simply occur because the information system is present.
  4. At least one criticism of the system.

Other information may be included, depending on the organization and information system targeted, such as:

• A description of the hardware, software, and telecommunications or data transmission systems utilized.

• A description of any third-party partners that helped deliver the information system, or help it function.

• A description of how the system was built or acquired. • A discussion of how the system is used to gain competitive

advantage. • An assessment of how long it can be expected to stay innovative or

competitive. • An assessment of the threat level of competitors to steal market

share. • A description of its daily/routine use. • A comparison to other systems discussed in class and/or studied in

the text and readings.

• A description of the adoption process by the employees.

• Anything that is interesting; maybe about the company/entity and their use of the system, or the competition attempting to duplicate it, or user loyalty, or something along those lines.


It goes without saying that a report in a graduate level class should include in-line citations. I do not care which format you choose to use, but I must be able to determine which are your thoughts and ideas, and which are from sources. Do not worry about including too many citations, I expect a lot of them. Be very careful not to plagiarize! Plagiarism will reduce your grade and can result in an honor code violation in certain circumstances.

NOTE: One mistake that many student make is to lose sight of the scope and focus of the project. The focus of this project is the information system, NOT the company, and not the technology or the people. If your paper focuses primarily on other things, you will lose points for lack of focus.

If you just do the bare minimum, expect an average grade. Your report should be something that a client (like me) who hired you as a consultant would be able to read through and easily understand the report structure. It should look professional, and not contain sloppy work, poor English grammar, or spelling mistakes.

NOTE: You can find examples of white papers or business reports from consultants online. Gartner Group is one of many companies you could look for that has done many of these before.

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