Discuss how these aspects of your identities have resulted in challenges or opportunities for you and/or your family members.
August 1, 2019
Write a 700-word paper on an administrative change you would propose to make in a criminal justice agency in an effort to combat terrorism more effectively.
August 1, 2019

Question 11. 11. What is the point of Regan’s discussion about Aunt Bea and utilitarianism’s respect for human life? (Points : 1)Utilitarianism feels that human life is paramount and not to be sacrificed under any circumstanceUtilitarianism would say that God’s law that “thou shalt not kill” will have very few exceptionsUtilitarianism says that human life has not much value at all, a person can be killed for relatively minor reasons, like stealing their moneyBecause utilitarianism is aggregative, one individual’s right to life can be overridden in order to save many other people’s lives
Question 12. 12. What is Tom Regan’s main criticism of the contractarian approach to ethical duties? (Points : 1)It works fine for humans without problems, but it has not yet been applied to animalsIt ignores the importance of pain and suffering when it comes to ethicsIt would allow all kinds of human injustice if a stronger group is able to oppress the members of a weaker group of peopleHe does not criticize it; he things that contractarianism, if properly understood, represents the most rational approach to ethical problems
Question 13. 13. According to Tom Regan, what is fundamentally wrong with our current system? (Points : 1)It mistreats animals in captivityIt does not adequately reduce the number of experiments to only what is medically necessaryIt treats animals as resources; as though they exist for usThat it doesn’t utilize animals enough for beneficial purposes
Question 14. 14. According to John Stuart Mill, utilitarianism takes into account the happiness of: (Points : 1)only the agent.only the agent and those the agent cares about.everyone, but weights the happiness of the agent more heavily.everyone, and weights everyone’s happiness equally.
Question 15. 15. Which of the following does not happen to pigs on today’s factory farms in the “Meet Your Meatvideo? (Points : 1)They are raised in extreme confinement so dense that they can’t turn aroundThey are castrated and have tails chopped without pain killersThey are slaughtered quickly and painlesslyMany are quite conscious while being slaughtered
Question 16. 16. Which of the following does not describe how egg-laying hens are treated in factory farms? (Points : 1)They are allowed to scratch through dirt and grass looking for seeds and bugs in the fresh open air.They are kept in such tight confinement that they cannot lift their wingsThey are starved into a period of ‘forced molting’They have their beaks painfully seared off
Question 17. 17. What is Tom Regan’s position about the use of animals in research and agriculture? (Points : 1)Animals should be used whenever it can be proven that the human benefits outweigh the harms caused to the animalsAnimals should never be used for medical research or commercial agricultureAnimals should only be used for medical research shown to be beneficial to humanity, never for agricultureAnimals should be used in both medical research and agriculture but should be treated as humanely as possible
Question 18. 18. What is Peter Singer’s point about performing vivisection on mentally disabled human infants? (Points : 1)That if we say that it would be wrong to perform experiments on such humans but not on non-humans then we are showing bias based upon species aloneThat a good speciesist would not perform experiments on any beingThat we should test upon mentally disabled human infants because the results would be more reliable than tests on animalsThat anyone who would consider testing on a human infant is a monster
Question 19. 19. Which of the following statements is the strongest evidence that the person saying it is a utilitarian? (Points : 1)Ginny: “Violations of rights are very serious, from the moral point of view.”Helen: “I agree. It is always immoral to violate someone’s rights.”Ginny: “Well, I wouldn’t say ‘always’. It’s o.k. to violate rights whenever the good you can produce by doing so outweighs the harm you do by violating the person’s rights.”Kate: “I disagree with both of you. The notion of rights is just a mechanism for the lesser members of society to maintain control over those capable of greatness.”
Question 20. 20. According to Jeremy Bentham (as described by Singer) what should determine whether a being’s interests should be taken into account? (Points : 1)Whether they have the faculty of discourseWhether they can reasonWhether they can suffer Whether they are capable of love


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