GB 590 Applying the Results Based Lens
August 15, 2019
Theodicy – Encountering Evil
August 15, 2019

The content tested on the final examination will draw from the assigned readings from the textbook and lectures and other materials posted online, and will consist entirely of one long-form essay question. The examination will ask you to synthesize what you have learned throughout the term and to respond comprehensively to critical thinking questions.

As always, your response should take the form of an expository essay and must include proper grammar, correct spelling and punctuation. Your language and tone should remain formal and your claims should be based on the critical content of the course, not on your subjective opinions. While it is understood that this examination is “open book,” any form of plagiarism is grounds for immediate failure of the overall course and should be avoided at all costs. Use your own words to convey the factual information necessary and to express your ideas regarding critical claims.

Please respond to the following:

Throughout the semester, this course has focused on artists and works of art between 1300 and the present that have attained the status as masterpieces within the history of Western Art.

1) Select and fully identify five works by five different artists in five different time periods that we have studied that illustrate the major cultural values of Western art.

2) For each work selected, write a brief explanation of the work’s cultural significance and how the cultural values of the period are reflected in its visual qualities.

3) Then provide a justification for your selections by explaining how they intersect with the major themes explored by artists within the Western tradition and how they have impacted the trajectory of art-making by either following or rejecting those traditions.

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