August 15, 2019
Discussion Reply should be 250 words each and include correct usage of APA format, your Christian world view, and relevant in-text support for both. Also, include a reference at the conclusion of each response in proper APA format.
August 15, 2019

Review one of the peer-reviewed articles. This article needs to present global implications.

Using the notes you made while reviewing the article, complete this discussion by providing the following:

  1. Provide an introduction that explains what you will cover in your post, such as article theory, application of the theory to your own situation and research interests, an evaluation of the value of the article and its global implications, and a conclusion.
  2. Evaluate the article and how well the author presented the research.
  3. Create headings that exemplify these categories (it is suggested you build an outline first) and fill in your ideas.
  4. Proofread, and use spell check and grammar check to catch writing errors.


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