After studying and evaluating the components included in the Project Manager’s Toolkit, evaluate  which of the tools (Gantt Chart or Flow Chart) would be most  appropriate for each of the following tasks and use that tool to  complete the task.
August 20, 2019
Article summary-Article 2: “Six ways social media affects our mental health”
August 20, 2019

Discussion #1: Strategies for Competing Internationally  

Harley-Davidson has chosen to compete in various country markets in Europe and Asia using an export strategy.  Go to the Investor Relations section at and read the sections of its latest annual report related to its international operations.  Conduct additional outside research on the topic.

Why does it seem that the company has avoided developing production facilities outside the United States?

Which strategic option from your reading for entering foreign markets has HD adopted?

Why do you think they have adopted this strategy?

Be sure to post your research references in APA format.  After reviewing your classmate’s postings, respond applying the following criteria.

Was their posting about clearly supported?  Why or why not?  If so, what did you particularly find interesting in their posting?  If not, what would you add to enhance their posting?

Your posts to your classmates might consist of:  Did you find something interesting that your classmate said that you didn’t think about?  Did you have any follow up questions to your classmate’s postings?

To submit your post to the Discussion selectStart a New Thread“, and type or paste your posting to the question. After reading your peers post, select “Reply to Thread“.

Please note: This Discussion and all the graded discussions in this course are “Must Post First”: After you have made your first post – you then get the benefit of seeing what your fellow students answered while going through the same discussion exercise. Then you can provide feedback comments

You must start a thread before you can read and


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