Describe the difference between expressionism and abstract expressionism.
August 20, 2019
Discuss how you could apply the Haddon matrix theory to investigate this accident. You may make additional assumptions about the scenario, as needed, for your discussion. 
August 20, 2019

Pesticides are a common environmental concern due to the  potential long-term   effects of the chemicals and their metabolites on the  immediate environment   and  ecosystem. For this assignment, research a common  pesticide and write a   three-page research paper that includes the following  components:

  1.  Identify the main active ingredient of the pesticide and how the        pesticide is used.
  2. Identify and describe which of the four cornerstones of xenobiotic        pharmacokinetics are affected in the way the pesticide works to kill the        targeted organism.
  3. Identify the metabolites of the active ingredient of the pesticide, and        discuss the toxicity and lifespan of the metabolites. Be sure to address the        cornerstone processes associated with xenobiotic metabolism of the    pesticide     through the body.
  4. Provide your thoughts on whether or not this pesticide is safe for the        overall ecosystem in the manner it is used and the resulting effects of its        application as it breaks down into its metabolites. Can this    biotransformation     result in toxicity?

The assignment should be completed as a text document and  should meet the   following requirements:

  1. The discussion should include the four aspects of the assignment as        outlined above.
  2. The paper should be at least three pages in length, not including the        title or reference page. Use proper APA formatting for all citations and        references.
  3. A minimum of three credible references should be used for this assignment,        and the references should be properly cited in the text as well as in a        reference list.


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