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August 22, 2019
What measures can be taken to ensure the quality of ongoing family and social relationships, individually and as a group, to end-of-life patients
August 22, 2019

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1. Are you for or against capital punishment for persons convicted of first-degree murder? Is execution

of murderers a deterrent to crime? Is media publicity concerning such cases a deterrent to murder? Do

television shows and movies showing criminal violence contribute to such crimes? Would gun-control

laws deter murder?


2. An investigator is called to a murder scene by the

patrol officer at the scene. What are the duties and

responsibilities of the investigator? What activities

can be performed jointly by the patrol officer and

the investigator? Who is in charge?


3. Under what circumstances is a person justified in

using force against another person? When is a police

officer justified in using force?


4. What are your state’s laws regarding domestic assault? Is there a mandate or standard for arrest even

if the victim does not want to pursue charges?


5. If two people become involved in a violent struggle

that seriously injures one or both of them, and if both

claim the other started the fight, what do you do?



6. What myths and prejudices have you heard about

prosecuting rape cases? Are rape cases more difficult to prosecute than other crimes?


7.  A case in Oregon received wide publicity because

a husband was charged with raping his wife during a temporary separation and was acquitted.

Do you agree with this verdict? If so, are there circumstances under which such a charge should be



8. How vigorously should sex offenses such as sodomy,

indecent exposure and prostitution be investigated?

Should unnatural sexual acts between consenting

adults be considered criminal acts?


9. In a robbery of a neighborhood grocery store, how

important is citizen information? Should a neighborhood check be made if the incident occurred

at 3 a.m.? How would you attempt to locate two

witnesses who saw the robber enter the store if the

owner does not know their names? How else could

you develop information on the robber’s description,

vehicle and the like?


10. If a robber takes a hostage inside a building, what

are immediate considerations? If the hostage situation is not resolved in the first 15 minutes, what

must be considered? Should a police officer offer to

take the hostage’s place? What might you say to the

robber to induce him or her to release the hostage?

To surrender after releasing the hostage?


11.  Many people think of burglary and robbery as interchangeable terms. What is the principal difference

between these two offenses from an investigative



12. Is it legal to “steal back” your own property if someone has stolen it from you?


13.  Is there a difference in the severity level of a burglary

if it is committed on an occupied residence rather

than an unoccupied one, such as a furnished rental

property that currently has no tenants?


14. Larceny has been called the most underreported

crime in the United States. What factors might account for failure to report larceny? Is there a way to

determine how many larcenies actually occur when

you consider shoplifting, bicycle thefts and minor

thefts of property that victims may regard as having

been simply lost or misplaced?


15. A man has been arrested for shoplifting and taken

to the police station for booking. During the search

for this offense, the police discover several credit

cards that are not issued in the name of the person

arrested. What offense is involved? Is there a separate offense from the original offense of shoplifting?

Can the person be tried on both offenses? What

procedure is necessary to prove the second charge?


16. How do juvenile and professional auto thieves differ

with regard to motive and type of vehicle stolen? Are

there different methods for locating each?


17. Does the value of the stolen vehicle affect the charge

made? The punishment?


18. Do you agree that investigating arson cases is the

joint responsibility of police and fire departments?

Which department should be in charge?


19. Arson has a low conviction rate. What factors make

an arson investigation difficult? What factors make

prosecution difficult?


20.  What agencies outside the police and fire departments can assist in an arson investigation? Who

would you contact? What services could they provide?



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