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Today’s Franchise Opportunities

Franchising opportunities in today’s small business world are abundant and continuing to expand annually. A franchise agreement creates a bridge between the franchisee and the franchiser. Both parties benefit from a well-run operation. For Assignment 6, review the attached pdf which provides franchise definitions and terminology. Please visit the link below to the ‘Trending Franchises’ website and select a franchise that you would find interesting as a small business opportunity.  Type a 3-4 page paper that includes background information on your selected franchise and include criteria for your decision (based on interest, location, cost, and/or industry, etc.).  View the franchise profile and report the following: available locations, business type, minimum investment required, etc.  Further research the franchise and determine profitability.  Identify possible sources of funding as well as costs associated with the purchase.  Discuss how and why you would choose to fund your investment.  Based on the information you obtained would you proceed in purchasing this franchise or pursue other opportunities?  Why or why not?



10 Signs of a Great Franchise
1. Responsiveness during the investigation process
2. Direct operational training
3. Other training
4. Marketing programs
5. Real estate and construction assistance
6. Financing assistance
7. Litigation history
8. Financial strength of the unit operations
9. Financial strength of the unit operations
10. The attitude of the existing franchisees

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