300 words response paper due in 24 hrs

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Explore Jenifer Wofford’s drawings in her series Nurse, Point of Departure, and MacArthur Nurses and listen to the podcast “Filipinos in the Nursing Industry” featuring an interview of the historian Catherine Choy. Choose ONE of Wofford’s drawings and pair it with a moment/section from the podcast. In a response of about 200-400 words, answer ONE of these two questions: How does the podcast enhance your experience viewing Wofford’s drawing? Or how does Wofford’s drawing enhance your experience listening to the podcast? Please remember to cite the title of the drawing that you have chosen. 

Point of departure: http://wofflehouse.com/point-of-departure/

Nurse: http://wofflehouse.com/portfolio/nurse/

MacArthur Nurse: http://wofflehouse.com/portfolio/macarthur-nurses/

podcast: https://thisfilipinoamericanlife.com/2017/03/14/episode-10-filipinos-in-the-nursing-industry/