600 words essay about crime.

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For this assignment, you should submit a paper outlining your view on why people commit crime. This paper should be at least 600-words and be both well-written (meaning relatively error-free) and logically organized.

The goal of the paper is to answer the the following question: Why do people commit crime? This is an intentionally broad topic and you may choose any approach you would like. You may choose to talk about crime generally (in other words, all offenses) or you may choose a specific category of crime like violent crime, property crime, drug offenses, and so on. Once you’ve selected an approach, you should:

(1) describe why you think people (or most/many people) commit such offenses;

(2) reflect on this opinion; and

It is important to reflect on what has formed this opinion and describe why your thoughts on crime are what you described. Are there life experiences, stories you’ve heard, things you’ve read/watched (books, articles, news accounts, films, etc), or conversations with friends/family/criminal justice practitioners that formed this opinion?

(3) suggest some ways to reduce crime based on your description/explanation of it.

In other words, how might crime (or this type of it) be reduced? This may include official (i.e. government/CJ) intervention, or could be more informal. You should be specific here; do not simply state that education can help prevent a particular crime. Rather, be more specific about how this could work (discuss how, when, and where it may be implemented, how it may be funded, and so on).

Outside sources are not required for the paper, but may be useful. If you use any outside source(s), be sure to cite it using APA format and include both an in-text citation and a citation in a references page.