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 When a major airline wanted to advertise its new leather first class seats in the Mexican market, it literally translated the “Fly in Leather” tagline as “Vuela en Cuero,” which ended up meaning “Fly Naked” in Spanish.

Companies make mistakes when it comes to marketing products in different countries, using various languages, and in the context of diverse cultures. Many of the companies making the errors are huge multinational conglomerates.


Research a marketing blunder made by a large company. DO NOT USE AN EXAMPLE FROM THE TEXTBOOK.

  • Present an overview of the error. Why was it considered a “blunder” or mistake? Explain fully.
  • Discuss what could have been done differently (citing concepts from the text is permitted).  
  • Could the “blunder” work in a different country, in a different language, or with a different target group? Explain why or why not.

Take a look at the Course Description and Course Objectives:

Course Description

This course provides the background to make marketing decisions at the international level. The course examines issues involving trends, factors, and forces (such as institutions, culture, politics, law and environment) which affect global marketing activities.

Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs)

  • Differentiate between international and domestic marketing.
  • Explain cultural diversity and ethnicity, race, class and gender perspectives as they relate to international markets.
  • Evaluate marketing strategies of multinational corporations.
  • Describe some of the basic issues involved in developing and executing an international marketing strategy.
  • Construct a marketing plan to introduce a product or service into a foreign country.
  • Predict situations that present potential ethical and legal issues and develop solutions for those issues.

Share with the group how you think this class has developed skills that will serve you in your profession. What skills are most important for your industry and career path? What aspects of the course would you like to study further?

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