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A team has two types of players: Batsman, Baller.

A team has two types of players: Batsman, Baller. Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted before or on 18/10/2016Uploading instructionsPlease view the assignment submission process document provided to you bythe Virtual University to upload the assignment.Rules for MarkingIt should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:o The assignment is submitted after due dateo The assignment is copiedObjectivesThis assignment has been designed so that you would be able to identify objectsand their relationships from the given problem statement(s). After the completionof this assignment you should have a good grasp on:o How to analyze a problem statement with the view of objects and theirrelationshipso How to represent a set of objects and their relationship among themgraphically.AssignmentConsider the case study:A team has two types of players: Batsman, Baller. It is required to assesstheir performance in a particular tournament and thus find out the bestplayer in each of the categories. The assessment criterion for each type ofplayer is different. For batsman, it is the average of his scores through outthe tournament. For ballers it’s the number of wickets taken in thetournament. Thus the performance is determined on the basis of scoremade (in-case of batsman), wickets taken (in-case of baller). There shouldbe a display function that displays all the information of player of aparticular category.Design a class hierarchy for the players in which you are required to find out thebest player in each category according to their performance in a tournament.For this, you need to identify classes/objects, attributes against eachclass/object, operations against each class/object, type of association between(aggregation, composition or inheritance) classes/objects.After identifying them, you need to make an object model. Your design shouldbe such that which can be used to declare a list of players belonging to eachcategory.What to submitYou are simply required to make an object model in a .CCP file and send it asyour assignment & also interpretation about 10-15pages.