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The Assignment:

Choose 2 picture books(Toddler and Preschool). Design an instructional activity to use with the book and children. Reference all 3 different Subdomains, at least 2 Goals from each subdomain, and at least 2 Developmental Indicators from each goal from Language Development and Communication (LDC) in North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development that support each of your books. 

The activities MUST be developmentally appropriate and encourage active exploration of materials and ideas. For the most part, the children should be able to do the activity with minimal guidance from their teachers, although teachers should interact with children, asking questions to encourage exploration, curiosity, problem solving, language development and deeper thinking. Dittos/coloring sheets, flash cards, product oriented projects, etc. will not be considered developmentally appropriate activities. The activities should be open-ended, encourage exploration, discovery, creativity and allow the children to build their own knowledge. These should also be planned for individual or small groups of children.

Grading Criteria

Title of activity, and age of children (toddler or preschool)- 10 points

Subdomain, goals and indicators listed- 14 points

Subdomains, goals or developmental indicators from the appropriate standard course of study for each activity is listed. The standard is related to the area of development and the activity- 14 points

All materials listed to perform the activity- 14 points

Activity is designed for individual or small groups of children, procedures for completing the activity are clear, the activity is child directed, and open-ended questions are included- 20 points

Method of documentation of children’s progress (assessment) listed and developmentally appropriate for measuring the indicators chosen for the activity- 14 points

3 meaningful suggestions for families to observe their children’s progress towards meeting the developmental indicator- 14 points

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