American literature 1865-present | Literature homework help

Using ideas from the web articles, write a 3-5 paragraph essay in which you briefly compare and contrast Sarty Snopes’ moral and psychological maturation with that of one other character or speaker from the Week 6 readings.

web articles:

  1. “American Literature 1914-1945” Vol. D pp. 3-22
  2. Faulkner, William, “Barn Burning” Vol. D pp. 771-783
  3. Hughes, Langston. “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” Vol. D p. 835
  4. Hughes, Langston. “Theme for English B” Vol. D pp. 844, 845
  5. Richard Wright. “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” Vol. D pp. 958-970

Also, please read the following web resources:

  1. Stein, What Are Masterpieces and Why There Are So Few of Them
  2. Anzia Yezierska (1885-1970)
  3. Yezierska, Anzia, “America and I”
  4. Hemingway, Ernest, “Soldier’s Home”
  5. Literary Themes—Coming of Age

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