Applied sociology | Sociology homework help


What: You will choose a current issue of social justice, research it, and write an analysis of the topic, using support from your research, and including knowledge gained and referenced from your textbook.

How:  should be 4-6 pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. Should include a title page and a reference page (these two pages are not included in the required 5-6 pages).

Some questions to consider while researching and writing about your topic:
• Why is this topic controversial?
• What are some of the causes?
• What are some of the effects?
• Who does it affect? (who = social class, race/ethnicity, age range)
• Is it happening all over the U.S., or are there regions where it is more of (or less of) an issue?
• What needs to happen for it to change?
• What is being done about it? What is NOT being done about it?
• Who (person, group or organization) might have the power to improve or fix it?


The Textbook is:

Making a Difference: Using Sociology to Create a Better World, 1st ed.

By: Michael Schwalbe

Please let me know if it is needed and I will try and upload the textbook

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