Arp poisoning lab | Information Systems homework help

Understanding the functionality of basic Linux systems and the ease in which network attacks can be performed provides students with a foundational understanding of network security and its importance.

Part 1:

Complete the following:

  • View the “ARP Poison Lab” video, located in the Class Resources.
  • Conduct a MAC Spoof and provide a screenshot.
  • Conduct an ARP poisoning attack, change your MAC address, and provide a screenshot of the MAC address change command functioning.
  • Provide screenshots of Windows ARP table, highlight the MAC address of the router and Kali Machine, the ARP spoofing command actively working, and the changed ARP address highlighting the duplicated MAC address.

Part 2:

Write a 250- to 500-word lab report and include a title page, table of contents, overview, and summary. Address the following in the summary:

  • Provide your current MAC address and your IP address.
  • Provide the name and IP address of a website.
  • Define a MAC address, ARP, DNS, and spoofing in your own words.
  • Explain why conducting an attack on your roommate or place of work without their permission is illegal or unethical.
  • Explain why conducting an ARP attack on your virtual machine is legal.

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