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W2: Discussion Post 3 – Discussion Group 1

Chapter 15 explores prehistory, ancient Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. For this discussion, you’ll pick a work from one of these regions/cultures to learn more about.

  1. Select from the Smarthistory website one work of art from either ancient Egypt, the prehistoric period, or Bronze Age Mesopotamia that you’d like to learn more about. Use the links below to access the works.
  1. In 250 words or more describe the artwork and its importance. 
    • Some questions to help you include: Why is this piece significant? What does it tell us about this culture and/or time period? Is anything intriguing about its size, medium (material), where it was located, or what it depicts?
  2. Next, include a ‘fun fact’ or something intriguing that you learned as a result of your research. 
    • Your post is due by Friday night. 
  3. Include in-text citations when you paraphrase or use direct quotes. Please cite your sources in MLA format. 
    • Please don’t cut and paste info from the web without using quotes and citing your sources (this is plagiarism) and try to write as much as you can in your own words. It’s more important to hear what you think about these topics, than what other’s have written. 
    • At a minimum, you’ll include a properly formatted citation to the Smarthistory page and its link (usually found at the bottom of the page). 
    • Need help knowing how to cite and use in-text citations? Check the page in the course orientation on this.
  4. Remember to:
    • Embed your images. 
    • Include a title (describe it if there is no ‘formal’ title), the artist if known, the date of the work, the medium, and culture and/or region. Some of this might not be easy to find – if that is the case, be as descriptive as possible. You can always write ‘artist unknown’ or ‘date unknown’ if needed. 
  5. Comment thoughtfully on two posts by your fellow classmates by Sunday night. 
    • Questions to help you include: What stood out to you in the artwork and was this the same as what was posted? Did you learn something new about a work that you may have seen before? Do you still have questions about the work after reading about it?

Here’s a helpful video about what to keep in mind when doing a visual analysis:

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