assignment capstone project: evaluation and dissemination plan


The Capstone Project is designed to be completed in sections. This is   part three of the assignment. Revise your Change Proposal and   Implementation Draft, using feedback from your instructor, and attach   it to your paper. Add any necessary transitions to bridge the sections   of the paper.

Review your Logic Model, Change Proposal, and Initiation Plan.   Describe in detail how the overall Change Plan will be evaluated and   the resources needed to evaluate the project. Discuss the evaluation   process in relationship to the projected outcomes.

Create a dissemination plan. Explain how the outcome of the project   will be disseminated externally (outside the setting to health care   community) and internally (unit or hospital where the change process   has taken place). A detailed plan answer includes who, what, where,   how, and when?

This assignment requires that you support your position by   referencing at least three to five scholarly resources. At least two   of your supporting references must be from peer-reviewed resources. APA style 

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