Billy’s strayhorn sexuality | History homework help

I would like to research the works of Billy Strayhorn. What intrigues me the most regarding Billy Strayhorn is his willingness to be open about his sexuality in such a rough time period. Also, he had a strong friendship with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was a part of the movement to racial justice. Bayard Rustin was a main force in the project that grew Dr. King’s impact but yet he does not receive his recognition because of him being gay. Being a gay man and in a new relationship it has been difficult learning to be more open regarding my private life because of the mindset that is attached to the Black community when it comes to religion, and this is in 2021. As a Black, christian man and in a same-sex relationship, I have came to the interpretation that God does not judge off sin. I am aware of God’s unconditional love, and that is what solidifies my opinion. I believe that he judges off your personal relationship with him, completing your mission on Earth, the art of always being a good person, and utilizing love instead of hate. Hopefully, researching more on these profound, courageous Black men will aid me on my journey. 

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