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BUSG 2309-Draft a contract clause,

BUSG 2309-Draft a contract clause, Draft a contract clause, Step One: Pick a clause to use for the assignment. Pick either Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems or intellectual property (IP). Step Two: Draft or write the clause as you wishe it to appear in a contract. It is one clause that covers either the ADR systems or intellectual property.Step Three: Explain any legal issues about the subject matter of the contract clause (ADR clause or the IP clause) the team selected.Step Four: Explain how the contract clause can be applied in a business managerial setting for a personal or real business-related dispute that relates directly to the clause the team selected.Step Five: Explain what might be the best possible remedies if a breach of contract occurs. Your explanation will be based on the language of the contract clause you drafted (either the ADR systems contract clause or the Intellectual Property contract clause).