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BUSINESS C12V-Which of the following elements must be established

BUSINESS C12V-Which of the following elements must be established Which of the following elements must be established to create an implied-in-fact contract?A. The plaintiff provided the property or services gratuitously.B. The plaintiff made the defendant sign the contract and then changed its terms, calling the new terms “previously implied”.C. The defendant was given an opportunity to reject the property or services provided by the plaintiff but failed to do so.D. The defendant accepted the property or services offered by the plaintiff as a fee for an illegal activity.3. Contracts that have been fully performed by one side but not by the other are classified as __________ contracts.A. executoryB. executedC. voidD. voidable8. A __________ is a distinct form of draft drawn by a financial institution and payable on demand.A. promissory noteB. checkC. deedD. letter of credit12. Windsor, the owner of Windsor’s Sandwiches, contacts a new supplier named Gary. He tells Gary that he will pay him $375 if Gary delivers 20 pounds of cheese the following morning. Gary promises to make the delivery as requested by Windsor. This creates a __________ contract between them.A. unilateralB. bilateralC. implied-in-lawD. executory13.Which of the following is true about a trade acceptance?A. The buyer is the payee.B. The seller is both the drawer and the payee.C. The draft is countersigned by the drawee’s bank.D. The draft is only as good as the drawer’s creditworthiness.15. Who is the drawee in a draft transaction?A. The party who demands the draft.B. The party who pays the money stated in the draft.C. The party who writes an order for the draft.D. The party who receives the money from the draft.16. A contract is a(n. __________ if the offeror’s promise is answered with the offeree’s promise of acceptance. ?A. unilateral contractB. bilateral contractC. executed contractD. executory contract18. Which of the following statements is true regarding a negotiable instrument?A. It should be signed by the payee.B. It need not state a fixed amount of money.C. It should not require any undertaking other than the payment of money.D. It can be either written or oral.EX 82. __________ is a regional international organization that comprises many countries of Western and Eastern Europe and was created to promote peace and security as well as economic, social, and cultural development. ?A. European Economic CommunityB. Common MarketC. North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationD. European Union4. The __________ is a trilateral treaty that has removed or reduced tariffs, duties, quotas, and other trade barriers between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.A. Free Trade Area of the Americas TreatyB. North American Free Trade AgreementC. Central America Free Trade AgreementD. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade5. The __________ is a rule which states that judges of one country cannot question the validity of an act committed by another country within that other country’s borders.A. Doctrine of Sovereign ImmunityB. Act of State DoctrineC. Colgate DoctrineD. Noerr-Pennington Doctrine6. Which of the following statements is true of the Treaty Clause?A. It provides that the president can make treaties of his own accord autonomously.B. It provides that the president can enter into treaties with two-thirds senate approval.C. It provides that the states have exclusive power to regulate internal and foreign affairs.D. It provides that the federal government has supremacy over the state in matters of international trade.7. Which of the following is true of the International Monetary Fund?A. The IMF is a federal body that consists of representatives from all the states, including federal experts.B. The IMF is funded from the Superfund created by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act.C. The IMF is an autonomous agency under the UN which promotes sound monetary, fiscal, and macroeconomic policies worldwide.D. The IMF is responsible for providing one-time grants to needy countries with no terms and conditions attached to the assistance.10. An agreement between two or more nations that is formally signed by an authorized representative of each nation and ratified by each nation is defined as a(n. __________. ?A. statuteB. charterC. treatyD. arraignment