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BUSINESS MGT 311 – Change management article summary

BUSINESS MGT 311 – Change management article summary S:4Write a summary paper about one of the articles located in the Research Guide (link in the Blackboard Course Menu). Ideally this article should be related to the weekly topics. You paper should include:Thorough synopsis of the theme, your thoughts, and how the topic relates to organizational change. You are required to use the headings in red as noted below.Reference your article APA format.Do not quote or use the course book as a reference, only the article that you are summarizing.Following APA guidelines, use APA headings designated below:IntroductionProvide an introduction that states the article name, author, and what the reader is going to read about. and Change (For example, Emotional regulation and change)Summarize the main points of the articleConnection to Course Material(Connect how the article relates to discussion questions, discussion threads, reading and video material, and other course material)Two questions for further discussionAt least two questions that would stimulate discussion among students concerning the article and topic.ConclusionCheck this out on writing a conclusion: