Case study- enron | Management homework help

Answer the following questions related to Case 9 in Business Ethics in a 2-page essay:

  • We may wonder how the corporate leaders at Enron, who are so smart, managed to display such poor judgment. What do you see as the contributing factors to the demise of corporate giants like Enron, World Com, TYCO, Arthur Andersen, and others? Identify at least three, and explain how their poor judgment contributed to their demise.
  • What might possibly happen when a corporation is placed in an oversight role of a business partner? One example of this was Arthur Andersen serving as Enron’s auditor. How might a corporation ensure that this does not happen?
  • What risks are involved if an individual decides to blow the whistle on unethical behavior within their company or institution? Are they really protected by law?

Submit your case study for grading.


Need by 2200 hours EST 5/1/2016- APA format

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