Case study in it field | information technology

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this is the teamwork case study report and my parts are c  and d in bellow list so in part c the financial part is not mine i just should write overview of the impacts on company and operating information plus part d which is Description of the options available. the total page is 4 pages

also i need 4 slide presentation for my part

description of assignment is as bellow but my part is just c and d which i mentioned above.

Cover page with the usual information – student information, title, subtitle, course and section names and numbers.

2. Executive summary – the report is addressed to senior management of the company in question.

3. Table of contents.

4. Content – this is expected to approximate to the following:

a. Introduction – include information about the approach taken to the documentation of the report.

b. Description of the issues in the case.

c. Overview of the impacts on the company – as much financial and operating information as possible should be included.

d. Description of the options available.

e. Choice of the best approach.

f. Conclusion.

g. Appendices with research excerpts, etc.