Changing a mysql table structure

Using the world_x database you installed in Module 1 and your MySQL Workbench, create a new table named “independence” with the following attributes (columns):

  • A field named “id” which has data type auto_increment,
  • A field named “country_name” which has data type varchar(50), and
  • A field named “independence_date” which has type “date.”

After you create the table, run the following SQL command:

INSERT INTO independence(country_name, independence_date) 
VALUE (‘United States’,’1776-07-04’)

Submit a 1-page Microsoft Word document that shows the following:

  • The SQL command you used to create the “independence” table and a list of the rows in the “independence” table.
  • Explain the purpose of the field named “id.” Why do you not have to include it in an insert statements? How would change the incrementing value to a number greater than one?

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