Chfd225 week 5 discussion if i had known then what i know now


Q1). This week you read about intimacy, love, dating, and marriage. Think back over your teen years. Who taught you about intimacy, relationships, and sexual health? What was your dating life like? Did you want to get married one day? If so, what did you imagine it would be like? If you are married now, is marriage what you expected? Why or why not? What qualities are important in a mate? In your experience, what makes a healthy relationship? Is intimacy the same as sex? If you could go back, is there anything you’d do differently?
As you think about those questions, write a letter to you as a teen, giving relationship advice. Your letter should address at least 4 of the questions above as well as any other topics you’d like to include. You may share your experiences as well as material from our readings and any other scholarly sources you find helpful.

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