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CRJS 485 – Essay 1: The Challenge of Management Reform

CRJS 485 – Essay 1: The Challenge of Management Reform Essay 1: The Challenge of Management ReformWeighting: 15% of your final gradeDate Due: Upon completion of Unit 4Length: Essay of 2000 words (+/? 10%), 10 to 12 word-processed or typed pages, double-spaced. The ability to analyze and review this topic within the length parameters is critical.You must make use of three supplementary resources. The essay must be properly formatted in American Psychological Association (APA) format, with correct references and citations.Submit your essay using the assignment link.Instructions: Assignment 1 requires you to review and analyse the current nature of police management. Your essay will critically examine the historical development of policing management and the impact of current managerial theories and practices on the organizational reform of policing. Moreover, your essay should make specific note of the operational challenges and benefits these reform concepts present for police managers. Be sure to examine both the positive and negative effects of current reforms, and discuss the enhanced pressure for organizational effectiveness. Your analysis must recognize that policing exists in a social context and that management strategies must be sensitive to particular circumstances.