Description of your design, the printed e-r diagram, the scheme of

CPTR5600 Project Assignment Part A Find a group of five people. Each group choose a project below for the design work. The part A due date should be June 19. Then you will proceed your part B work to implement. Your part A should include the description of your design, the printed E-R diagram, the scheme of the database. And list the name and ID of students in your group. Design a database for a world-wide package delivery company (e.g., DHL or FedEX). The database must be able to keep track of customers (who ship items) and customers (who receive items); some customers may do both. Each package must be identifiable and trackable, so the database must be able to store the location of the package and its history of locations. Locations include trucks, planes, airports, and warehouses. Your design should include an E-R diagram, a set of relational schemas, and a list of constraints, including primary-key and foreign-key constraints. 2. A dentist’s office needs to keep information about patients, the number of visits they make to the office, work that must be performed, procedures performed during visits, charges and payments for treatment, and laboratory supplies and services. Assume there is only one dentist, so there is no need to store information about the dentist in the database. There are several hundred patients. Patients make many visits, and the database should store information about the services performed during each visit, and the charges for each of the services. There is a standard list of charges, keep outside the database. The office uses three dental laboratories that provide supplies and services, such as fabricating dentures. Draw a complete E-R Diagram for the implementation. 3. Our department needs to conduct assessment for certain courses each semester. The assessment sections for computer science include CPTR1100, CPTR2100, and CPTR3100. The assessment instrument for each section is a set of multiple choice questions. We expect your…

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