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In this lab, you reviewed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its provisions. You also reviewed a case study involving Napster, a company that violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In a one to two page essay, using APA formatting,please prepare a formal response answering this set of issues:

Napster and like kind peer-to-peer programs help facilitate illegal music piracy. The corporate world lobbied to put in place DMCA in response to Napster’s ability to break copyright laws as well as have an economic impact. The question you need to answer:

  • What influence does the DMCA really have in the industry?
  • How did the organization influence tighter security and privacy controls?
  • Do you think that by shutting down Napster, the music industry has positively or negatively experienced growth?

I need in APA format with Citations(Referential)

Course : Legal Regulations compliance and Investigation

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