Essay | American history homework help


Using the documents and image attached , the textbook, and the videos, write a short essay (minimum 250 words) answering the following questions:

1. What relationship does President Eisenhower draw between events in the modern Civil Rights Movement and the goals of the United States in waging the Cold War (Document 1)?

2. How does the Alcatraz Proclamation (Document 2) and the “The Soiling of Old Glory” photograph (Image 1) reflect the increasing radicalization of the Civil Rights Movement by the 1970s as well as the violent responses it could produce within Anglo American communities?

3. Based upon Eisenhower’s speech, how do you believe he would respond to Document 2 and Image 1 in the context of the Cold War?

—-no plagairism

—-should be A+ writing

—-must be original

—work cited pages must be included

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