Facebook swot analysis 1-2 page apa format report

Information Systems Strategy Assignment

(also sometimes referred to as the ‘semester-long project’)

The primary goal of this assignment is to help you develop your critical thinking and group collaboration skills. In the workplace, there is a need for the sifting through of information to analyze a situation, make recommendations, implement solutions, and gain feedback for continuous improvement, more often than not with a group. To be successful in all of that, one needs to be able to think critically and know how to work with others.  

Submission Logistics for the Assignment

For this assignment, you will have two opportunities to submit as a group. The first opportunity will be for me to provide feedback with an initial assignment score, and the second one will be for me to provide a final grade. If a resubmission is not received, the score from the initial submission will remain. 

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you pick a company (FACEBOOK INC) write a paper that is 1-2 pages* (size 12 font double spaced) in length as a narrative in APA format (no abstract page required) (Links to an external site.), wi

Components of the assignment

  1. SWOT Analysis

    Complete a SWOT Analysis for your selected company. What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company? Be sure to discuss technology and information systems here (remember, this is an information systems course). This section does not have to be a narrative if you feel that your information can be better conveyed another way.

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