Find 5 interesting/fun facts about “carrefour”?

Find 5 RECENT INTERESTING  FACTS about “Carrefour” and explain each of the facts in several sentences. Up to two facts can be about the overall industry that Carrefour is involved with, if its strongly relatable. Make sure there is context to show strong fun/interest facts.


Each fact must be given in a bullit point and explained under it in your own words in a couple of sentences. Each facts should provide a link to the WEBSITE used, each fact should come from a different website. Too much information in each fact is not required but important context still needed. Additionally, Wikipedia is not an approproate source for any of the facts.


** I will provide and example of Seven & I Holdings company on how each fact should be made**


EXAMPLE: Seven & I Holdings


  • Over 40,000 konbinis (japenese convenience stores) in Japan alone
  • That’s 1 store for every 3000 people located at 1 every 3 1/2 square miles
  • of the 40,000 stores, 16,800 are &-Eleven with the others consisting of Lawson’s, Family Mart, circle K

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