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Glücklich Golfspieler (GG) is a golf club company

Glücklich Golfspieler (GG) is a golf club company Statement of Financial PositionAt December 31, 2014(in thousands of euro)AssetsGoodwill and intangible assets1,210Less: Accumulated depreciation(2,240)Total non-current assets(1,030)Current assets:Cash5,300Inventory1,800Total current assets7,100Total assets6,070Equity and LiabilitiesShareholders’ equity:Contributed capital400Total shareholders’ equity400Total non-current liabilities0Current liabilities:Total current liabilities0Total liabilities0Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity400Glücklich Golfspieler (GG) is a golf club company headquartered in Germany. The company began its 2014 fiscal year with assets totalling 10.0 million euro but ended the year (on December 31, 2014) with total assets of 13.2 million euro. Account balances on December 31, 2014, appear below (in thousands of euro).Accounts Payable900Accounts Receivable460Accrued Liabilities990Accumulated Depreciation2,240Buildings and Equipment5,600Cash5,300Contributed Capital400Goodwill and Intangible Assets1,210Inventory1,800Land190Notes Payable, due 2016735Other Long-Term Liabilities1,325Other Noncurrent Assets540Prepaid Expenses340Profit for the Year (Net Income)4,000Retained Earnings, Jan. 1, 20144,850Sales Revenues38,0001.Prepare a statement of financial position at December 31, 2014