Going global | Management homework help


Your company recently went through a global merger or acquisition in which at least one of the parties involved was from one of the following countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Cuba). You need to create a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to the Board to describe the rationale behind the merger or acquisition.


• Identify if the merger or acquisition was vertical or horizontal in nature. 

• Compare and contrast some advantages and disadvantages to pursuing the merger as opposed to pursuing an association. 

• What are some of the social implications of doing business with this firm (human rights, social responsibility, and etcetera)? Requirements: 

• Create a PowerPoint presentation, at least 7-9 slides, not counting the title or reference slides. 

• Include at least 3 valid, credible resources, preferably from the Post University Library. 

• Include an introduction and conclusion slide. 

• Use APA formatting for citations, include in-text citations on slides. 

• Be creative! 

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