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Business Analysis Project: Show The Methods. 

Create an excel worksheet and add in the first column category and add in the rows different methods used to increase client. 2nd, 3r, 4th  columns, add the criteria you will use to compare the methods such as conversion rate, return on investment etc.  Then find the data and add it to the excel worksheet for each of the method. For example, if the conversion rate for cold call is 5% add it under the column for cold calls. Do this fro the res of the categories and all the columns. Also, add the sources, articles etch when you find the data your add to the worksheet for reference to the folder. Create the excel worksheet for data collection and find the data to fill the columns.

Make sure to describe the study design for your research project, your data source, the demography that your research, which is your study population. Describe the analysis methods that you conducted to answer your research question. 

The Method section should include these subsections (study design, data source, settings, analysis, and ethical considerations)

Example of Method section: (Links to an external site.).

Global Outreach Telerehabilitation Svc’s goal is to increase private insurance clientele by 30% while increasing referrals by 50% within a six month period. 

The team is working with a real client and not a hypothetical situation. The methods must address the clients needs.

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