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The health information management team at XYZ University Hospital contracted with an auditing firm to perform a coding review. The results from this baseline assessment are provided in the attached document below:

  • Variation Log by Type of Error
  • Variation Log by Coder

Step One: You are the inpatient coding manager at XYZ University Hospital. Your director has asked you to develop a draft Corporate Compliance plan with an ongoing review and monitoring schedule for the next year based on the results from the outside review. Review the reports provided and determine a list of recommendations (at least two recommendations based on Variation Log by Coder and two recommendations based on Variation Log by Type of Error).

Step Two: Create a detailed Corporate Compliance plan that discusses your recommendations.

Step Three: Ensure that the recommendations include elements from the AHIMA Standards of Ethical Coding and address the issues exposed by the audit. (Address at least two standards).

Step Four: Ensure that the plan addresses Official Coding Guidelines and other coding regulations. (Address at least two Official Coding Guidelines or other coding regulations).

Step Five: Ensure that the plan addresses patient safety as it relates to the audit findings. (Addresses at least two patient safety issues).

This assignment must be submitted as an APA document created in Microsoft Word, a minimum of 2 full pages in length with at least two supporting references and attached to this assignment in Blackboard.