Identity pie and descriptions | Psychology homework help

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  Submit a 3 page paper. Include the visual of your Identity Pie on page 1. Then, starting on page 2, address the following: 

  • Where do you think you fit within the spectrum of privilege? Explain your privilege (or lack thereof). 
  • Compare your awareness of your identity as an adolescent with your awareness of your identity now. What were the causes of any shifts in your awareness? 
  • Describe 2–3 messages that have shaped your identity throughout your life. These messages may have come from popular media—for example, music, television, or literature—educational settings, the family      unit, community engagement, or other sources. 
  • Explain how personal identity impacts the professional identity. In your explanation, include: 
    • Where the personal and professional  identities intersect. 
    • 1–2 strengths that emerge from this  intersection. 
    • 1–2 challenges or opportunities that  emerge from this intersection.