In analyzing hits by v-1 buzz bombs in world war ii

In analyzing hits by V-1 buzz bombs in World War II, South London was subdivided into regions, each with an area of 0.25km squared. Shown below is a table of actual frequencies of hits and the frequencies expected with the Poisson distribution. Use the values listed and a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the actual frequencies fit a Poisson distribution.

Number of bomb hits: 0 1 2 3 4 or More
Actual # of regions: 229 211 93 35 8
Expected # or regions: 227.5 211.4 97.9 30.5 8.7

A. What is the Null hypothesis?
a. The actual frequencies do not fit a Poisson distribution.
b. The actual frequencies fit a Poisson distribution.

B. What is the Test statistic?0.9762

C. What is the Critical Value?9.4877

D. What is the P-value?0.91339

E. Should we reject the null hypothesis? Do not reject the null hypothesis.

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