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It is said that understanding customer

It is said that understanding customer I want to know how mush will it cost me for this type of assignment it needs to have 2000 words and reliable references.It is said that understanding customer needs is an important first step in developing profitable customer relationships, but that is not enough. To achieve competitive advantage, organisations must use this understanding to design product /service offers that deliver more value than the offers of competitors. Discuss the comment above in relation to an online business. Major essay requirements: • An essay format: Information and advice on essay writing and other scholarly skills can be found on the MyKBS portal. • A thorough research and review of the contemporary literature on the topic area. • A range of references that should demonstrate breadth and depth of research. • Industry and/or organisational examples to be incorporated into the essay as illustrative evidence. • An original argument to be built through the use of critical thinking. • Critical evaluation in the essay’s conclusions. • Appropriate and accurate use of the Harvard referencing system. You must use a minimum of 8 references. These must be authoritative and comprise of: • At least 3 academic articles/papers. • Up to 2 text books (including the prescribed text). • Up to 3 other authoritative sources of your choice. E.g. quality newspaper or professional journal, government or NGO website. Please avoid the use of corporate websites as these tend to be promotional and not authoritative. • Wikipedia, Slideshare, Business balls, BizEd, Mindtools and other non-academic sources are not considered to be authoritative and will attract low marks if used. If in doubt, consult your lecturer.