Lablab | Physics homework help



I have a lab and some questions that have to be answered based on the lab data. The manual is provided too that explains the lab. Can you answer the following two questions appropriately? Each answer has to be written clearly with a full logic and physics answer. Can you do it in 15 hours?

DA1- Organize the data for Method 1 and Method 2adding units and descriptive titles to the headers for your data. These data headers should match up to the steps mentioned by the Researcher in the procedure. In the report, include a data table with at least a sample of the data showing all the major steps/calculations the group needed to perform to ultimately determine the speed of the ball in each method.17.

DA 2-Create a plot to show your measurement of the speed of the ball using both methods. Find a way to represent the systematic uncertainties you measured in questions Group 2 and Group 5. The Groups questions are provided on the manual.

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