Leading change paper in apa format of 2-3page

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 Identify a current change in an organization with which you are familiar. Alternatively, identify a current public issue about which “something must be done.” In relation to the change issue, think about what sense-making changes might need to be enacted and how you would go about doing this. Assess this in terms of the eight elements of the sense-making framework suggested by Helms Mills and as set out in Table 9.7:

• Identity construction
• Social sense-making
• Extracted cues
• Ongoing sense-making 

• Retrospection
• Plausibility 

• Enactment 

• Projection
What ones did you feel you might have the most/least control over? Why? What implications does this have for adopting a sense-making approach to organizational change?
Prepare a 2 – 3 page document with your answers and thoughts in APA format.

Give the reference at the end and also citation