Leading strategic change management case analysis


Read the Cultures at Work: The Case of Home Care Service on page 583

Answer the questions:

1. How many subcultures co-exist within Home Care Service, and how do they compare and contrast? 

2. How useful is Bloor and Dawson’s characterization of the different types of subcultures? 

3. Is there an organizational culture? What is it, and how does it differ from the professional subcultures that exist within HCS? 

4. How is it possible to manage cultural change in such an organization? What are the problems and issues that you are likely to encounter? 

5. Consider Alvesson and Sveningsson’s (2008, p. 39) claim that, “the concept of culture is often used to refer to top management beliefs of organizational culture (ideas of a specific culture can often be seen as a senior management subculture) that marginalize the (sometimes contrasting) meaning creation of other groups in an organization.” 

6. Reflect (and if possible, discuss) how this case may have been rewritten if the authors had adopted a fragmentary or integration perspective.

Note; Plz go through the attached file for the case 

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