Major purchase | personal finance | American Public University


Start with the assumption that your family needs a new vehicle. 

· Choose a vehicle that you think fits your needs. 

· Go online and research the cost of this vehicle.  Decide how much you can put down on the vehicle and/or how much your current vehicle is worth as a trade-in.  Next, using your credit score, find approximately what loan interest rate you should use.  Sometimes your bank can help you with an estimate, sometimes the car dealerships can give you an idea.  Next, decide how many months you are willing to take to pay this off (normally in months 36 months, 48 months 60 months, or even 72 months) Once you have this all assembled, open Excel and find the “Loan Amortization Schedule.”  Calculate in the first Tab of Excel your monthly loan payment, and how much in interest you will pay.  Should be an eye-opener. Detail this information in post

· What advice would you offer to someone considering the purchase of a vehicle?

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