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 Join together with a group of two to three students for this assignment.  You may divide up the work for this writing assignment any way you would like however you must report the individual responsibilities and each student must take on a similar percentage of the overall work.. You each will submit the group work.   

  1. Research a company and provide a YouTube Video that depicts the company’s shift in target marketing in due to the pandemic. 
  2. How did the company employ e-commerce and the use of social media before and in response to the pandemic
  3. Was it successful in responding to the impact initially experienced by the pandemic?
  4. Will the company continue to use this strategy post pandemic?
  5. Do you believe the buys will change their purchasing patterns post-pandemic?  Why or Why Not?

Paper length should be 2 pages in length using APA formatting and should include a cover page and reference page with a minimum of 3 resources used.  The cover page and resource page are not included in the page count.  


Company Name: COVID19 Pandemic: Tomorrowland


 4. Will the company continue to use this strategy post pandemic?

Yes, as the matter of fact they announced that they’ll continue to do it every year in order to reach the people who get left out due to financial or geographical reasons.

Mention the extra revenues made through these livestreams

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