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 In response to Dorethea and Nathan, you may either furnish answers to questions posed by other students (referring to the textbook as needed) or compose supportive reflections on the reflections posted by other students (e.g., “That’s a good point . . . I had to interpret a pie chart just last week . . . it was in . . . etc.”).

Dorethea post


Although this class have been very challenging for me. I believe more due to life going crazy and not able to fully have time to full retain and gain a full understanding.  I have no questions at this time about hypothesis testing. I’m sure it’s not because I fully understand, it’s just not sure where to start. I know that I will apply statistical concepts not only in my future career, but personal life as well. I know in order to help my clients to the best of my capabilities I will need to be able to understand the data and research studies. Being able to explain using the pie chart and histogram for a easy visual aid will be beneficial. I have used excel for many years in my last job, I feel where I may stumble on misinterpretation statistical concept is making sure I enter in the correct information.  Sometime, as I seen in module 2 when creating the excel spreadsheet it is very important to place the data in the correct cell, and request the correct formula to obtain the most accurate information.  Wish everyone the best of luck in your future classes.

Nathan post


Hypothesis testing, while complex at times, seemed to overall be pretty straightforward and I do not believe I have any questions at this time. What I am trying to understand is how often statistics will be applied in my psychology career, especially if counseling is something that I choose to take up. Regardless, I can see the skills of understanding and applying statistics to be two crucial skills that I can see transferring over, not just in my profession, but in some real-world endeavors that may be embarked upon in the future. Additionally, creating excel charts and learning how to use Excel functions (histograms, t-tests, etc) are capabilities that never hurt, especially in a technology-oriented society. For example, I may need to analyze data in a study in order to give proper insight to a psych patient. What if he or she wants to know of a breakthrough in depression research and the only way the answer can be found is by measuring the frequency of each piece of data? What if the study involves a two-tailed, right-tailed, or left-tailed t test in which the margin of error can be identified, thus the original interpretation of the data to the patient ends not being entirely correct? Among many other possibilities, these are a few “hypotheticals” I can come up with, and hopefully there will be a time soon where I can see if they are rational. Good luck moving forward everyone. 

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