Methods of heat transfer | Management homework help

Part 1:

Original Post

The goal of the original post is to answer the discussion questions fully, bringing perspectives from the assigned readings, your own experiences, and your own analysis. There is a 450-word minimum length for your original post. 

Questions on Heat Transfer

  1. Relating back to the safety and sanitation module, why is it important to cook the chicken to an internal temperature of 165 degrees? How can we relate heat transfer to food safety?
  2. Without destroying the integrity and appearance of a freshly cooked chicken breast, which method of heat transfer do you think is best to reach 165 degrees, and why?
  3. Brainteaser: What form of heat transfer is most effective in preserving pigments, minerals, and vitamins in foods, specifically vegetables, and why?

Part 2

Dining out or cooking at home? We all have to eat sometime!  For this activity choose your favorite cuisine to do a little research on.  Is it Italian, Indian, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc… Have a meal! This time think of all the science involved in every part of your meal.

Describe the food you are eating and the various heat transfer methods involved in the process?

Write 450 words or more to describe your experience in a Word document. When completed, submit the assignment by uploading the activity.  Here is a little video to help get you started. 

 Heat Transfer: Physics Concept Trailer™ – YouTube 

– Please use a separate word doc to submit your assignments.

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