Mgmt 605 | Management homework help

Create a detailed, FULL SENTENCE outline for your final paper. Outlines are nothing more than a blueprint for how your final paper will flow. It is understood that your final paper may not exactly match what you list in the outline. You are creating an outline now to help create a foundation for the final paper.

When you write your outline, you are basically answering the questions: “What order will my paper follow? What is the flow of the paper?”. The answers to those questions will help you create the outline.

Make sure that you include the references from the annotated bibliography to the sections. It is expected that each section will be about half page to a page. DO NOT copy and paste from your annotated bibliography to your paper. Also, your outline should not contain any quotes. 

This assignment needs to follow APA guidelines. Remember to put all your references and citations in appropriate APA format.

For your benefit, I have attached an example outline. Please use as a blueprint. 

Remember, you need to offer original writing. Do not copy and paste material from the Internet or some other source. All work is checked for plagiarism via

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